My name is Matt Myers, and I'm a fifth-year PhD student in Ben Raphael's group in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University. I'm planning to finish in August 2022 and am looking for a research staff position!

My research is in computational biology: I am generally interested in developing principled computational methods to extract information from -omics data. Recently, my work has focused on algorithms for inferring cancer evolution from DNA sequencing data (see below). My other interests include birdwatching, nature photography, veganism, music, and cooking.

Email: matt.myers [at] princeton [dot] edu

Selected Publications:

  1. Myers, Matthew A., Simone Zaccaria, and Benjamin J. Raphael. "Identifying tumor clones in sparse single-cell mutation data." Bioinformatics 36.Supplement_1 (2020): i186-i193. [code] [open access paper] Presented at ISMB 2020.

  2. Myers, Matthew A., Gryte Satas, and Benjamin J. Raphael. "CALDER: Inferring phylogenetic trees from longitudinal tumor samples." Cell systems 8.6 (2019): 514-522. [code] [paper] Presented at RECOMB 2019.

My current CV (updated Feb. 2022):