My name is Matt Myers, and I'm a computational biologist with a focus on cancer genomics. I work in the Shah lab in the Computational Oncology department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where I focus on computational methods, analysis, and software to study tumor evolution.

I recently completed my PhD in Ben Raphael's group in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University, where I developed algorithms to infer genetically distinct tumor subpopulations (clones) from DNA sequencing data (see below).

My other interests include birdwatching, nature photography, veganism, music, and cooking.

Email: m [at] myersmatthew [dot] com

Selected Publications:

  1. Myers, Matthew A., Simone Zaccaria, and Benjamin J. Raphael. "Identifying tumor clones in sparse single-cell mutation data." Bioinformatics 36.Supplement_1 (2020): i186-i193. [code] [open access paper] Presented at ISMB 2020.

  2. Myers, Matthew A., Gryte Satas, and Benjamin J. Raphael. "CALDER: Inferring phylogenetic trees from longitudinal tumor samples." Cell systems 8.6 (2019): 514-522. [code] [paper] Presented at RECOMB 2019.

CV (updated Feb. 2022):